2017 uk number plates



Next month new DVLA will be introduced, with all new cars manufactured after that date in the receiving the updated .

Search the largest database of in the .

DVLA – THESE have been banned and this is why. NEW ’67’ will be released from today, September 1st

Learn about formats in the ; buy & sell car . Est. 36 years. 0% finance, 50 million . Open 7 days.

information Read through the most up-to-date news on the globe of personalised . Also research our news archive.

We in the may be the most fanatical about personalising our automobiles and as a result you would possibly hope the most expensive personal to generally be registered here.

fonts are monospaced. This means that every character (except I / 1) is of equal height and width. See later of specific dimensions.

More than 300 have been banned from use when the 67 vehicle registrations are released next week.

Last updated: 1 September . , vehicle registration and log books.






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